Jubilation Foundation Grant Application for Organizations

The narrative (please keep within 4 pages):

1. Briefly tell us about your organization’s background: its mission, history, governance, and accomplishments.

2. Tell us about your proposal and what you hope to accomplish. Include goals, objectives, timeline, and the numbers and types of people served.

3. How will you measure success? (We personally think this is the hard part and seriously solicit your honesty and creative ideas!)

4.  A chance for you to edify us: Given your work on the front lines, how do you think we can best persuade people that TV and media are shutting down the creative impulses in our children, and how can we best "immunize" or bolster children so that they develop as active and engaged human beings? (We’re not looking for academic proof. We simply are hoping to collect people’s experiences.)


1. a budget for your proposal
2. proof of your 501(c)(3) status
3. a description of the people ( either board members, artists, consultants, teachers—whatever is relevant) making this happen
4. (optional: any other articles, audio-visuals, or links you think would be useful)

Application deadline: To be announced

Send to the Jubilation Foundation, PO Box 2172, Olympia, WA 98507

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