What we did…….

In 2023, we ended a journey we began in 2008. We had the enormous privilege of funding connection, community, and joy through music and movement, thanks to the brilliant work of teaching artists throughout the country. The Jubilation Foundation is now closed.

We still believe in this work! We hope to update our resources page to be of use to grant seekers. And drop us a line, if we can provide moral support.

Jubilation Fellow Mafalda Thomas-Bouzy

We funded teaching artists with an exceptional talent for bringing joy to people through music and movement.

We still believe that music and movement — wherever and however it happens — can promote well-being in the individual, the community, and the world. 

Jubilation Fellow Chris Daigre with students
Jubilation Fellow Emma Davis with her choreography class

We had prioritized those who serve communities with the least access.

Jubilation Foundation

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