Jubilation Fellow Tasana Camara

Tasana Camara

Florida / West Africa
Fellowship: 2009

“I am a Griot musician from Guinea, Conakry,” says Tasana. “My family makes all our instruments and organizes musicians to play for family events and concerts.”

Tasana and his brother founded Group Laiengee, an ensemble comprised of children with disabilities who live and perform in Conakry. He also uses his expertise at the Sidney Lanier Center, a public school in Gainesville, at which he assists the school’s community music program. His approach offers children a way to regain success and offer value to their community through rhythm, singing, and dance.

Tasana performing at the Graffiti Gallery, Oil City PA:

Tasana and friends in an impromptu drum session at Graffiti Gallery:

Photo by Holly Lynn Berlin

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