Jubilation Fellow Eduardo Mendonça

Eduardo Mendonça

Seattle WA
Fellowship: 2009 / 2012

“The seed of compassion is already planted in our hearts,” says Eduardo. “It’s up to us to water.”

Using music as a common language, Eduardo nourishes compassion for diversity by combining Brazilian entertainment with education. Born in Brazil and now living in the United States, Eduardo is a musician, composer, and master teaching artist with decades of experience in schools on both continents. He is a featured teaching artist for the Washington State Arts Commission, as well as a founding teaching artist for Arts Corps, which brings arts education to children in Seattle. His exceptional skills and enormous heart have affected thousands of people, including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Pope John II.

“The way I work with kids is that I trust and listen to them,” says Eduardo. “I want to make sure they all have a voice to make the place safe for them, and that everyone has fun.”

A former principal of Escola Parque in Bahia-Brazil, a large K-12 school, Eduardo now directs an international performing ensemble, Show Brazil! “I want to help people understand the cultural diversity,” he says. “We want people to know where the music comes from, where each rhythm is from.”

With his Jubilation grant, Eduardo created transcripts of his teaching curriculum, a study guide for music notation and rhythm boxes.

“We can make music with anything,” says Eduardo, whose first instrument was an empty soda can filled with rice. “The music will bring us all together.”

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photo by Hugo Ludeña, Latino Cultural Magazine

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