Jubilation Foundation Fellow Napoleon Revels-Bey

Napoleon Revels-Bey

Uniondale NY
Fellowship: 2017

“Music and the arts are part of the light and sound of the universe we live in, and allows us to reach the soul and spirit within.”

Founder of the nonprofit Nassau Performing Arts in 1998, Napoleon offers programs to promote and unite the arts with socially responsible organizations.

What led you to become a teaching artist?
My desire to uplift and be a positive member for social change, to reach and instruct young people about their history, and show them how to improve their lives and give back to their families and community.

How do you produce a vibrant learning environment?
Encouragement. Getting students to quiet down and meditate. Slow deep breaths help us listen and dissect the sounds, and slowly produce the music we will participate in.

Advice for teaching artists?
First, be a good student, work with or listen and watch a master. Prayer and meditation helps, asking for assistance and realizing you will be a life-long learner. Know thyself. Be patient with yourself. There is nothing new in the universe. The growing process is continual in all of us.

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