Jubilation Foundation Fellow Sol Koeraus

Sol Koeraus

New York NY
Fellowship: 2020

“Dance has a great capacity to break boundaries and to unify, to create a common ground and basis for mutual respect. I teach Flamenco dance, not only as an art form, but as a method for creating cultural alliances.”

In 2007, Sol, also known as La Argentinita, founded Flamenco y Sol Company, producing performances and workshops. As a teaching artist, she conducts residencies with Flamenco Vivo, Alvin Ailey, Young Audiences, and Brooklyn Arts Council. In addition, she is a member of the Mark Morris Group faculty. 

What led you to be a teaching artist?
I had been working as a professional dancer and singer with different companies in New York and abroad for 20 years. Many times companies would ask me to do a lecture demonstration and I soon realized how much I love teaching. I saw the happiness and joy I was able to share. It gives me a different point of view, and helps me be a better performer.

Teaching philosophy:
My mission is to create social and cultural connections by having fun and expressing oneself. My goal is to introduce young people to the endless ways in which the arts can enrich their lives regardless of their background.

I always establish, reinforce, and model clear routines in my classroom, such as dance class procedures, routines, and signals: entering/exiting the studio, using the bathroom, getting water. And I always offer leadership opportunities. I shift responsibility and rotate leadership roles among the students.

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