Jubilation Foundation Teaching Artist Fellow David Hamilton

David Hamilton

Chicago IL
Fellowship: 2021

“I want to give parents and children the opportunity to connect through music, to gain the value and quality of life that music provides. And most importantly, to have fun!”

Dave’s love of music blossomed at an early age. Both parents played instruments and led choirs. The co-founder of Mr. Dave Music, he has a mission: to bring the joy of music into the lives of children, families, and adults. Offering private and group classes, dance parties, and birthday celebrations, Mr. Dave Music is committed to providing programming that fosters creativity and celebrates diversity.

“Our motto is patience, love, and positivity,” says Dave. “We want to share that with the community—to build bonds and bridge gaps.”

What led you to become a teaching artist?
My dad directed a camp for kids called Baby Fold Camp. That experience, combined with my family’s love of music, led to a career in music and teaching. Growing up with ADHD, I found music to be a positive form of therapy. I want to help kids channel their energy this way.

Teaching philosophy:
To lead with love and kindness, to celebrate freedom and equality, to create a safe, inclusive community, and to use repetition and energy to calm and guide learning.

Describe a good teaching day:
To learn from and be challenged by students, and to connect with families in and out of the classroom. To be a positive member of my own family and our community. To collaborate, mentor, and help other teachers hone their craft and realize their potential.

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