Jubilation Foundation Teaching Artist Fellow Ellie Sandstrom

Ellie Sandstrom

Seattle WA
Fellowship: 2022

“Dancing is one of the best versions of mental and physical health care possible.”

Ellie is fueled by movement in many forms. Over the last 25 years, through Brain Compatible Dance education and Culturally Responsive teaching, she has taught at schools, private studios, and universities. She has worked with a wide variety of dance makers, musicians, and artists, in both live performance and film. Her choreography has been commissioned by local and national dance and theater companies and schools.

What led you to become a teaching artist?
My teachers. They still inspire me.

I am passionate about dance. When I first started teaching and leading others, I quickly felt a connection and call to continue. It has been the most challenging career choice I’ve ever made, but also the most rewarding. Teaching offers the opportunity to pass forward the knowledge and skills that were offered to me.

Teaching philosophy:
Teachers are also students, and students are also teachers. We all learn together in an open and supportive environment. Each student is given the opportunity to be seen and heard. I am dedicated to offering support and guidance. The sense of community in my classes helps students build skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. I offer students the space to build connections to other areas of life.

Describe a good teaching day:
When I see joy on their faces. When everyone is tired and inspired. A good teaching day is when my students don’t want class to end.

photo by Chase Jarvis

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