2008 Grantees

Attitudinal Healing – Oakland, CA

Founded in 1989, Attitudinal Healing works to eliminate violence by supporting creative and educational programs in West Oakland. One of its founders is Kokomon Clottey, drummer, Ghanian and author of Mindful Drumming, who also directs the ArtEsteem program which served approximately 3,000 children in the 2007-2008 school year. With this grant, they will expand their Cultural Arts program: purchase 50 drums, 100 uniforms and provide 25 weeks of drumming skills and emotional literacy for 100 students, working toward synchrony and inclusion.

Downtown Greens – Fredericksburg, VA

Founded in 1985, Downtown Greens is an out-reach facility which stimulates personal and community growth by involving individuals in a community garden, a 3 acre area (formerly used as a neighborhood dump) located in a low-income housing district. This grant will help build community through support Marenje, a children’s outdoor performance marimba group. Classes will be twice a week, from November 2007 through March 2008. Money will be used to pay for instructors, marketer, videographer, a bass marimba and T-shirts, bringing sonic goodness to their little paradise. 

Ethos Music Center – Portland and rural Oregon

The mission of Ethos Music Center is to promote music and music-based education for youth in underserved communities. Through strategic community partnerships, Ethos has reached thousands of students through work at their headquarters in Portland and through two programs: Music Corps, an urban outreach that sets up after-school classes, workshops at schools and community centers, and Music Across Oregon, bringing year long residencies to rural schools throughout Oregon. This grant will support in-school music camps in the towns of Boardman, Irrigon, and Elkton and two week-long residencies in Portland. 

Roots of Music – New Orleans, LA

The Roots of Music has a vision of great proportions, matching the need in New Orleans. Despite its place in the U.S. as the headwaters for jazz, there are no current programs to address the need for consistent, year-round instruction for children 9-14 with no prior training. With a two pilot programs under their belt, Roots is offering an after-school program for the 2008-09 school year, 2 hours per week per day, aiming for 3 levels of instruction, with advanced students auditioning for the citywide Root Crusaders marching band, creating a ripple effect of joy as they march with the Krewe of Bacchus in Mardi Gras 2009. This $10,000 grant will go to pay for teachers. 

Turning the Wheel – national program based in Boulder, CO

Since 1989, Turning the Wheel has worked with youngsters of diverse backgrounds, often inner-city and “last chance” high schools, to encourage creative self-expression using dance and theater as teaching tools, as experts work with non-experts in residencies over a several weeks to several months period. This grant will expand Turning the Wheel’s outreach in Missoula, MT, Lawrence/Andover, MA, and Cedar Rapids, IA, with the communities’ production of Nearly Invisible. 

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