2009 Grantees

Destiny Arts – Oakland, CA

Started in 1988, Destiny has grown over the years from a small storefront facility into a thriving organization with a staff of 28. It will use Jubilation Foundation funds for its “Growing Peaceful Warriors” program of after school, weekend and summer classes in martial arts, dance, and theater. This work was recently featured on Channel ABC – 7 in a “Focus on Solutions” segment. 

Educational Mentoring Through the Arts & Humanities – West Chester, PA 

EMTAH has sought best practices for working with underserved children since 1995. Grant money will be used to add more students to its long-term instruction programs in piano, bass, guitar, drum, ensembles, dance, and poetry. In addition, they will continue to develop and refine a unique evaluation system to assess students in areas of self-esteem, relationship to significant others, classroom performance and behavior, goal attainment, and graduation rate. 

Irving Elementary School – Sioux City, IA

Nationally Board Certified Teacher Karen Bourne, still reaching and stretching after 30 years of teaching, seeks to fill the mission of Sioux City Public Schools through the World Music Drumming, a pedagogy developed by Dr.Will Schmid. She will deepen the two year old “Irving Beat” program through this school-wide, cross curriculum program, with the help of former Jubilation Fellow Paul Corbiere. 

YMusic of the Missoula YMCA – Missoula, MT

Music and Y.M.C.A? We know what you’re thinking. But imagine this: affordable group classes, ensembles, workshops, camps, and community jams in YMCA’s across the country. Missoula’s YMusic is helping lead the way. Grant funds will be used to add middle school ensembles and an intergenerational choir to the rest of the offerings, which include beginning electric guitar, drumming and percussion, choir, and classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

Oldtown School of Folk Music -Chicago, IL

Beloved, respected, historic Oldtown School of Music, founded in 1957, continues to innovate. Jubilation Foundation is funding the 10 year old Wiggleworms in Residence partnership with the Carole Robertson Center for Learning. The program focuses on three main components: weekly music engagement for children (ages 0-5); training and support for classroom teachers; and music enrichment activities for parents and families. 

Turning the Wheel – Boulder, CO

From 20 years of effort, experimentation, and accomplishments in connecting adults and children through dance and theater, Turning the Wheel emerged from a 5 day retreat with this mission: train more adults in their methods so that more children can be reached. The Jubilation Foundation will help them in their goal of training 1,000 new facilitators through workshops in Los Angeles, Boulder, San Francisco, and Missoula. 

Village Free School – Portland, OR

The Village Free School is a ground breaking, non-profit in Portland focused on fostering and celebrating youth leadership and community. They will use Jubilation Foundation funds to increase their visibility – through joyous celebration with local musicians and dancers – and to expand their instrument library.

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