2011 Grantees

Bahama Village Music Program – Key West, FL

One beloved music teacher, Mrs. Sanchez – who passed away at age 105 – inspired the Bahama Village Music Program (BVMP), which is committed to the mission of bringing music education to a diverse neighborhood in Key West. A partner with the Berklee City Music Network, BVMP utilizes student teachers and professionals to guide, inspire, and mentor kids in a variety of instruments, plus a choir, pan drum ensemble, and praise dance. Funds will give general support to this organization whose motto is “Make Joyful Noise”.

Crosspulse – Oakland, CA

In 2008, Crosspulse premiered the first International Body Music Festival (IBMF) which has been going strong ever since. In conjunction with the next IBMF in San Francisco, funds will be used for work in Oakland elementary schools, free workshops for teens, teacher training for music and classroom teachers, support of the Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble, and CD development.

Kid’s Play NOLA – New Orleans, LA

With high energy and lots of heart, Kid’s Play provides after-school learning opportunities and support services to at-risk children in conjunction with existing programs. Kid’s Play brings music and dance, as well as theater, yoga, creative writing, and the visual arts, to community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, after-school programs, and the Tulane Dance Festival. Funds will be used to bring this energy and opportunity to kids throughout New Orleans.

Kennedy Heights Arts Center – Cincinnati, OH

Created by locals who banded together to save a historic building, the arts center is a centerpiece for urban renewal in a neighborhood business district characterized by many vacant and distressed properties. Its mission is to enhance the life of surrounding communities through the arts, promoting interaction across generations, and cultural/economic groups. Funds will be used for a 4-week residency to build community through song, dance, and body percussion.

La Piñata – Jamaica Plain, MA

For 23 years, La Pinata has worked to instill cultural awareness to Latino youth living in inner-city Boston. They provide these children concrete tools with which to overcome personal and community obstacles, and offer a wide array of activities and support. The powerful team of teachers is led by founder and artistic director Rosalba Solis, who “ignites a joy for learning and life”. Funds will aid the on-going skill building of youth from 5 to 14 in folkloric dancing and performing.

Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, IL

Respected, historic Old Town School of Music, founded in 1957, is one of the grand-daddies of community music centers. Funding supports their Wiggleworms-in-Residence partnership with the Carole Robertson Center for Learning. With heart and soul, the program focuses on three main components: weekly music engagement for children (ages 0-5); training and support for classroom teachers; and music enrichment activities for parents and families.

Tangled Tones – Missoula, MT

Tangled Tones threads its offerings throughout the city of Missoula in a variety of venues and for a wide age range. Offerings include world rhythm classes for children 5 and up, workshops in public schools K-12, and work in daycare centers. Funds will help keep the wheels oiled for the many opportunities Tangled Tones creates to move and groove in Missoula.

Roots of Music – New Orleans, LA

Roots of Music is a tuition free afterschool and summer music education and academic mentoring program for youth from 9-14. It’s available to all students but participation is contingent on maintaining a 2.5 GPA in school. It has a long waiting list of students wanting in and has had great musical and academic success with its current students. Funds will be used to help create an all-city, nationally recognized marching band!

Turning the Wheel – Boulder, CO

Turning the Wheel (TTW) is an intergenerational dance/theater company committed to the collaborative creation of works of art that are root in – and restorative for – the communities in which they perform. They are the veterans of over 20 years of experience in how to make diverse populations feel comfortable in their bodies and with each other. Funds will be used to help expand their base of Turning the Wheel facilitators, capacity building for affiliate infrastructure, and the development of new material through which to work their magic.

ZUMIX – Boston, MA

The mission of Zumix is to empower youth 7-18 who use music to make strong, positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world. They serve over 350 youth directly and more than 6,000 through workshops, concerts, and community events. Funds will be used for SPROUTS, geared for children 7-11, and will include a chorus, ensemble work, and theater.
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