2014 Grantees

Arts Corps – Seattle, WA

Founded in 2000, Arts Corps is a non-profit arts education organization dedicated to developing creative habits of mind in young people. The corps of teaching artists brings hands-on art classes — including music, dance, theatre, visual arts, poetry — to youth with little or no access to arts education, predominately children in low income communities of color. Arts Corps received the President’s Committee on the Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award. Funding supports general operations. 

Attitudinal Healing Connection – Oakland, CA

AHC pictures a world where everyone is whole, safe, loved, educated, and valued. Their mission is to eliminate violence by offering creative and educational programs that transform the human spirit and build peaceful, loving communities for all. For more than 25 years AHC has provided access to the arts for schools that lack resources, as well as healing and creative programs to at-risk communities. They provide leadership training and after-school programs to more than 57 Oakland schools. Funding supports general operations. 

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp – Oakland, CA

Since 2008, BAGRC has offered after-school and summer programs for diverse groups of girls ages 8-18. BAGRC is dedicated to empowering girls through music, and promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity, and collaboration. Girls attend music lessons, form bands, write songs, and perform; developing the creative, leadership, and teamwork skills that help them shine on stage as well as off. Funding supports general operations. 

The Bridge @ Community Youth Services – Olympia, WA

The Bridge is a music mentoring program where youth learn how to write, produce, record, and perform their own original hip-hop music. The program specifically targets youth who are considered at-risk, either involved in foster care, previously incarcerated, or in danger of dropping out of high school. Funding supports general operations. 

Coyote Central – Seattle, WA

Coyote Central helps adolescents become creative thinkers confident in their capabilities, and engaged with their community. Since 1986 more than 13,000 middle-school youth have taken 20-hour courses at Coyote with professional artists, musicians, chefs, dancers, fashion designers, and writers. Every year more than 1400 children engage in hands-on projects; both in the studio, and out in the community through public art and service projects. Funding supports expansion of music and dance programs. 

Crosspulse – Oakland, CA

Keith Terry and Crosspulse are a major spring at the headwaters of body percussion. In 2008, they premiered the first International Body Music Festival, which has been going strong ever since. They are working on a Rhythm of Math project that uses body music to teach mathematical concepts to students in grades 3-5. Funding supports the Educational Outreach program. 

Ethos – Portland, OR

Founded in 1998, Ethos provides music lessons, multicultural performances, and workshops to more than 7,000 students a year. They believe that all kids, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location, deserve access to music education. The President’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities named Ethos one of the top 50 after-school arts programs in the United States. Funding supports the Music Across Oregon program, which puts residential AmeriCorps music teachers in rural towns. 

Hope Stone Kids – New Orleans, LA

With high energy and lots of heart, Hope Stone provides learning opportunities and support services to at-risk children. The program brings music, dance, theatre, yoga, creative writing, and the visual arts to an array of venues, such as schools, community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, after-school programs, and homeschool associations. Funding supports after-school programming and summer arts camp. 

International Capoeira Angola Foundation – Seattle, WA

ICAF-Seattle is a non-profit educational organization committed to the cultivation, preservation, and growth of the African Brazilian art form, Capoeira Angola. Founded in 1997, ICAF works to create strong and vibrant communities by connecting through music, movement, history, and philosophy. They provide ongoing programs for kids, youth, and adults. Funding supports general operations, summer camp, and the Youth in Action after-school program. 

Living Arts/Southwest Dance – Detroit, MI

Free and low-cost dance, art, drama, and digital media classes are offered to students ages 3-17 of all skills and abilities. Reaching more than 400 students a year, Living Arts engages youth in transformative artistic practices for their own individual development, as well as for the health of the community. Funding supports the Southwest Dance/Out-of-School arts program. 

My World Dance Studio – Seattle, WA

Since 2008, My World Dance has offered free and low-cost dance programs for youth ages 3-16, from all walks of life. Their programs foster creativity, artistic expression, confidence, and cooperation. Funding supports a new after-school program that explores the relationship between words, dance, and music. 

Old Town School of Music Wiggleworms – Chicago, IL

Respected, historic Old Town School of Music, founded in 1957, is one of the grande dames of community music schools. Funding supports the Wiggleworms program, which partners with the Carole Robertson Center for Learning, and focuses on three components: weekly music engagement for children (ages 0-5); training and support for classroom teachers; and music enrichment activities for parents and families. 

Powerful Schools – Seattle, WA

YMCA Powerful Schools is dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap by creating strong partnerships with public schools to help children thrive. Through academic intervention, in- and out-of-class learning, family learning, and school readiness programs, they integrate arts instruction into core curricula to make learning engaging, connected, and relevant—supporting 21st century skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Funding supports integrated arts programming in high need schools. 

Red Eagle Soaring – Seattle, WA

Red Eagle helps urban Indian youth access Native arts education. Year-round programming includes a spring musical, a performing arts summer camp, after-school theatre programming, theatre residencies in tribal settings, and traditional storytelling workshops. Funding supports general operations. 

Resounding Joy – San Diego, CA

Resounding Joy uses music programs to improve the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of individuals and communities. They aim to make music, happiness, and health, as well as resounding joy in every beat. Funding supports Sound Minds, a program for at-risk infants and their teenaged parents that promotes parenting and bonding skills using interactive group songs. 

Seattle Music Partners – Seattle, WA

SMP’s free after-school program is an innovative combination of weekly music instruction and mentoring. For 15 years, SMP has worked with under-served elementary school students in Seattle’s Central District, providing one-on-one lessons and ensemble experience, as well as instruments, method books, and bus rides. SMP also partners with schools to bring in touring musicians, and arrange field trips to concerts. Funding supports general operations and expansion to another after-school site. 

Sounds Beyond Barriers – Seattle, WA

Sounds Beyond Barriers is a collective songwriting project inspired by the work of Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico, and artivistas (artist-activists) in Los Angeles. They use the creative process to build community. In 2013, the project was implemented at the Seattle World School, where students created and performed original songs. Funding supports a series of songwriting workshops with the King County Juvenile Detention Center, led by a bilingual team of seven artivistas. 

Strings Attached – St. Louis, MO

Since 2009, Strings Attached has provided music education and, even more importantly, musical family to its young neighbors. They create performance and mentoring opportunities for youth (ages 5-17) in American roots music, while also providing space for recitals, workshops, and ensemble development. Kids learn the rudiments of music while experimenting with guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, washboards, and resonator instruments. Funding supports expenses and salaries. 

Teaching Artist Training Lab – Seattle, WA

TAT Lab is a professional development program with a focus on supporting arts education as part of basic education in K-12 schools. TAT Lab is based on the philosophy that reflective practice and thoughtful planning are essential to effective educational experiences – and a key building block for partnering with schools and classroom teachers. Funding supports operations of this eight-month training program.

Totem Star – Seattle, WA 

Multimedia production is the hook that engages youth, builds trust, and offers life skills. Add a little social justice education, and you’ve got increased civic engagement, leadership development, and community building. Since 2010, Totem Star has partnered with the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Neighborhood House, Seattle Parks & Recreation, and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture to empower youth who might otherwise slip through the cracks. Funding supports the after-school music production and performance program at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. 

Young Audiences – Oregon/Southwest WA

YA programs build bridges from professional artists to schools and local communities. They employ a roster of more than 150 teaching artists whose performances, workshops, and residencies teach children essential lessons about creativity and collaboration. They help kids develop skills for success, and bring joy into the school day. Funding supports the Arts at Kairos project, an extended in-school arts program.

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